Blogs I Love

Here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow (in alphabetical order so I'm not playing favorites!). Check 'em out!
  • Aimless Small Potatoes - A hilariously written recap of some of today's top reality shows. I don't even watch any of these (we don't have cable, just Netflix) and I was still amused. (Rated R)
  • Balanced Idjit - One of the few blogs that I rush to read as soon as it's updated. Not always politically correct and most definitely not child friendly, but absolutely hilarious. (Rated R.)
  • From the Desk of Mary Ann - A great daily source of handy tips & tricks regarding a variety of DIY projects, such as extreme couponing, home repair, genealogy and more. Written by my very own mom!
  • High Heels to Sensible Shoes - A dear friend of mine "chronicles the changes in lifestyle and expectations" as she is "transitioning from 15 years in corporate America to blue-collar America". Something relevant to many and enjoyable to read.
  • Jenn Likes It - If Jenn likes it, Jenn writes it! This blog is packed full of reviews, give-aways, contests and ideas, all dubbed as "likeable" by Jenn. This blog is particularly valuable for any of you living in the Tampa Bay area. 
  • Kickin' With The Kohls - Another friend of mine who's blog follows her blended family of eight through fun, tears, joys and fears.
  • Rock the Kasbah - A fascinating, funny and touching blog that follows an American family as they live and travel through Morocco for two years.
  • Sinny Sized - This woman gave birth to twin daughters, one "regular" sized and one a primordial dwarf. This is the only known case of twins in the situation. Follow this blog and I know you will fall in love with Sinny's tint body and huge personality as fast as I did. 
  • The Insane Reality of My Life - A fun eclectic blog written by a 29 year old Brazilian woman who is raising her two children while her husband is deployed.
  • The Joyful Jungle - I love families that are as chaotic as my own. This mommy of four little ones writes a great blog to describe life in the "jungle" of a large family
  • The Outlaw Mom - A lawyer/mommy of two, discovers the Laws of Motherhood and gives us a front row seat while she breaks them.
  • Things I Can't Say - This blog serves as an anonymous venue for this mommy of three boys to speak her mind and say the things she wouldn't be able to say otherwise.

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