About This Blog

My name is Leigh Ann Wilson, and I'm a 30-year-old wife, mother, and freelance writer currently living in Ohio. This blog chronicles my crazy, often chaotic, always hilarious life with five young children, a 7-year-old son and four daughters ranging in age from 6 down to 2. There are also some cameo appearances by my three teenage stepchildren, my giant-kid of a husband, Brian, and my shepherd puppy, Ozzy. My posts describe events in our lives and the antics of my kids, but mostly it's about my thoughts, feelings, and observations on how I "survive" it all as a stay at home mom.

I post two lengthy posts per week (on Monday and Thursday), as well as one or two short "Survival Moments" when so compelled. I also update my Facebook page with daily doses of my life and will "tweet" on the rare occasions that I can contain my thoughts to 140 characters or less. The best way to keep up with all of the fun is to follow Surviving Five on social networks, but you can also sign up to have new blog posts sent directly to your e-mail.

You probably won't ever find anything controversial, shocking, or otherwise scandalous in my blog. There are plenty of other places to go if you are looking for a good debate. I keep my site fairly clean and lighthearted, something I think we all need sometimes in a world of constant bickering (and for those of you who are parents I'm sure you hear enough bickering as it is). So when you're here just sit back relax and enjoy my chaos. The kids are all mine, the stories are all true, and the pictures are all my own. I couldn't make this craziness up if I tried.


This is my life-long friend, unofficial therapist, and blog editor. As an adult her name is apparently Julia Foster, but I don't know who that is. In high school she was Julie Breslin, and that is forever who she will be to me. She is the one who corrects my atrocious spelling, observes the punctuation laws that I can never keep straight, and keeps me from rambling on in twelve different directions. Without her, my writing would be a mess, my personal life would be in upheaval, and I would never stay focused on my task at hand. She is definitely the stylish paperweight on my desk of life. [Editor's note: Do I get silver sparklies in the imaginary paper weight in your head? Like a snow globe? 'Cause that would be fun.] 

Jules is a human rights lawyer and freelance editor by profession and resides in Massachusetts with a brand new husband that she acquired in Scotland, a kilt-wearing astrophysicist named Adam (yes, I'm serious). Huge thanks to Julie for everything she does.

The newest member of our Surviving Five team is known simply as "J-Sto". You see the awesome cartoon illustrations at the end of all of the newest posts? Yep thats her! Somehow she takes my thousand word articles (usually at the last minute), expertly extracts every last bit of chaotic humor and makes it come alive in a 3x3 square. It adds the perfect touch  to every post and we are thrilled to have her on board with us!

J-Sto has a degree in Biology but her true passion is her art. Her work has been published regularly in The Boise Weekly as well several art shows. After 10 years of amusing coworkers by doodling crude pictures of her various bosses and dissecting mitochondrial enzymes (or whatever it is a Biologist might do)  J-Sto is now living in Chicago and working hard as a stay at home mom to two toddlers. To see more of her work check out her website, www.mykidcomix.comSo glad to have you working with us J!

                                    Leigh Ann and Julie in 1999... and we still have just as much fun!

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